Web development


WONÁ is a Ukrainian brand for brides. Wona in Ukrainian means "she". The name emphasizes the brand's commitment to its customers - women - who are also the inspiration for dresses. SHE believes that women are truly muses and strives to create dresses that embody their most thoughtful and extravagant desires. Looking for the perfect dress, women can reveal their unique beauty. WONÁ strives to exceed the expectations of brides and elegant women around the world.

As a result, WONÁ is increasingly capturing the hearts of brides thanks to the successful design of dresses that help women emphasize their unique individuality and taste on their special day.

the goal

  • Creating a website design
  • Website development
  • Creating banners and filling the range of the website
  • Finalization of functionality and new features
  • Development and configuration of CRM system
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the solution

  • Ad campaign settings
  • Finalization of functionality and new features
  • Support
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the result

We created this website with the intention to make it as informative as possible and get it in a convenient and attractive way. Banners were created, as well as configured CRM systems.

Our designer has developed a concise design inherent in the wedding and evening dress industry, which in addition to functionality and informative content creates interest in the website.