EDELE is an online Spanish language school. Learning Spanish is easy, just 20 minutes a day. Author's course on the declension of Spanish verbs from the lead teacher.

the goal

  • Technical support of the website
  • Filling the website with information
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the solution

  • Creating banners and filling the range of the website
  • Technical support of the website
  • Ad campaign settings
screen1 screen2

the result

For EDELE, our specialists have developed and implemented the new website design with its own individual style. As you know, the best way to learn a language fast is to practise and revise it everyday. So for that we have developed an online stimulator where you can check yourself, go through tests which will improve your speaking, writing and grammar skills. Now it’s so easy to learn Spanish! Revise and practise your grammar to help you increase your confidence and improve your language level.

Also the advertisement design was implemented as well as the landing page and special offers. To sum up we can say that the goal which wwe faced at the beginning of the project has been achieved in a short period of time.